Hik3beasthawaii | Non-Slip Hiking Micro-Spikes

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Micro-Spikes are mainly used for snow, but they work just as well on loose dirt and slippery terrains. However, do not use micro-spikes all the time. They are bad for the environment and can destroy trails as we have seen on some hikes. These are only for when they are absolutely necessary. They are good to always have with you in case of emergency. A rope breaks, it starts pouring rain, you encounter a obstacle that you can't pass without risking your life. These extreme conditions are when people are thankful that they bought a pair of micro-spikes. They are also good for places with a lot of snow.


  • One size fits all. 
  • Micro spikes to help grip those slippery terrains.
  • They provide flotation so you don't sink into the terrain below you.
  • Provide great traction for extreme grip.
  • Great to have in case of emergencies or snow.



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  • Expedited shipping is available

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